Using MyDonate

MyDonate is a free fundraising service where every penny goes direct to the charity. There are no fees and no cuts taken!mydonate-news

Why use MyDonate?

Using MyDonate for your fundraising has many benefits. To you, to the people that sponsor you and to us! Here’s some simple reasons why MyDonate is great for everyone…

Benefits to you as a fundraiser.

1. You won’t need to spend time collecting the funds. People use their card and pay directly to the charity, taking the hassle out of collections.
2. You can write a message to tell the world what you’re doing, who you’re raising money for and why.
3. Set a target and your friends and family can see how close you are to raising those all important funds.
4. Friends can leave a message when donating, giving you motivation in your preparations for the challenge.

Benefits to people who sponsor you.

1. They can leave a message wishing you good luck, or telling you you’re mad!
2. They can see how much you’ve raised and how far you have to go.
3. Easy, quick and secure online payment.
4. Gift aid is added, giving that bit more to the charity.
5. They won’t be hounded months later for a donation you forgot all about.

Benefits to the Brown Dog Charity.

1. We receive funds straight to our bank account.
2. We don’t have to hound you to collect your funds.
3. We can see how much we’ve raised in real time, making it easier to allocate the funds to chosen causes.


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